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Brett McFall Interviews The NEW Internet Challenger, Jim Graham 1/16/2014

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Can you imagine if it was you who was launching an internet business in front of a LIVE audience?

Can you feel the pressure that would be on you?

Well internet marketer, Jim Graham is about to take on our famous “Internet Challenge” for the first time.

What is he going to sell?

How is he going to do it?

How much money will he generate for someone in the audience (maybe you!)?

Listen below now as he reveals how nervous he really is about taking on this mammoth task:


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You’re welcome to pay the $197 ticket price, as you get enormous value anyway. But this private offer allows you to attend as my guest.

If you’re a doubter… a cynic… or just someone who has not yet made any money online, then you owe it to yourself to come to this event.

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This could be the year for you, but ONLY if you’re prepared to get up and attend LIVE training. It’s the only effective way to learn.

Will I see you there?


How 6 simple words resulted in $10,000 worth of FREE advertising 1/9/2014

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How to make money online… no, seriously 12/20/2013

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Do you have THESE people in your life too? 12/10/2013

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(Press PLAY – you may need to wait a few seconds for the video to load)


Internet Challenge Update – Day 30 – FINAL DAY 12/4/2013

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Brett McFall Michael Hughes Internet ChallengeWell we’re done!

The Challenge is over and Michael is absolutely buzzing.

We handed Michael his cheque for the money he earned on Saturday during a 2-day training I was running called Expert Empire.

Would you like to know how much he made in just one month?

The thing to remember is that Michael has created his own internet business. He has his own autoresponder software. His own website. And now a good chunk of money to move forward with as well.

How much money?

The final total on Day 30 was:


Which I’m sure you will agree is a pretty amazing start. But you know what?  More important than the money is the education Michael received.

He asked the right questions in order to get the right answers… did the tasks himself… made the mistakes himself too… contacted joint venture partners… set up autoresponders… created his own webpages… and more.

And yet before this Challenge, Michael knew barely anything about the internet.

So you must take faith from this. If you too are in this position, then you must not give up. You must do whatever you can to get the knowledge you need to make the internet work for you.

I took this Challenge on to show the nay-sayers out there… the critics… the cynics… the people who criticise me for pushing the internet as a REAL alternative to having a job… the doubters who stay at home and tell you what CANNOT be done rather than supporting you – that they’re WRONG.

So don’t let anyone fool you or pull you down.

All that is stopping you from having a profitable internet business is one thing:


This is all I gave Michael over the past 30 days. And now he’s taking that knowledge and already thinking about other niches he wants to go into.

Congratulations to Michael Hughes for being a wonderful student and for making the most of this opportunity.

Should you want to check out his new website, you can now do so at:



Internet Challenge Update – Day 28 11/28/2013

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Brett McFall

Internet Challenge Update – Day 25 11/25/2013

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Phew… we’re back!

What a difference a week makes.

I’m pleased to announce that the Internet Challenge is back on track.

It looks like we’re over the technical issues that we had last week and emails are getting through.

Challenge winner, Michael Hughes has been able to stop biting his nails and walking the halls at night muttering “There’s no place like home… There’s no place like home…”, because guess what?

The sales are coming in! Woo hoo!

In fact… wait for it…

This time last week, Michael had generated $400 in sales. Then he got another sale. And another sale. Day after day building momentum.

Michael now has nearly 500 people on his database. This is awesome because if he keeps on nurturing his database… giving them value… and making offers, this will turn into a very long term income.

He has made not 4 sales… not 6 sales… but 20 sales.

And he’s generated over $4,000!

Here’s a snapshot of some of the sales made (customer names blurred out for privacy):


Pretty cool, huh?

The great news is that we’re not finished yet. We still have this week to go. Saturday November 30 is our last day.

I’ll be presenting a seminar on Saturday, of which Michael is attending anyway. So we’ll be able to monitor the last dollars coming in together.

Is Michael happy?

Yes from what I can tell, he’s over the moon. He’s flat out with his day job in his Pest Control business and renovating a house at the same time. In fact, he shot me this text over the weekend:


So I’m sure you’re very happy for Michael too.

Though, while you were working last week, Michael was out doing something which maybe you won’t be too happy about… that is, because you weren’t doing it too.

We decided to do what all internet marketers do when they’ve spent a good hour working on their business – TAKE SOME TIME OFF TO MUCK AROUND!


We had a ball out on my boat and I think the guy who’s filming the challenge for us, got some great shots. Can’t wait to let you see it when the show is ready.


Internet Challenge Update – Day 18 11/18/2013

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Well, do you want the good news first? Or the bad news?

Perhaps I’ll start with the bad news.

It was last Friday and I was looking through the steps of the campaign I’m running with the Challenge winner, Michael Hughes. And something just wasn’t making sense.

Without getting too technical on you, I could see that out of a new database we’d created of around 300 people, only 4 of them had actually seen the salespage offering the product that we’re selling in the Challenge.

Now I’m not sure how much you know about internet marketing, but this is BAD news. Why? Because without people seeing the salespage, they can’t buy the offer.

It’s like being in a boxing match and you’ve got your two hands tied behind your back. You’re going to get clobbered!!

Simply, if we can’t get eyeballs on the salespage, we haven’t got a hope in hell of making any sales.

So after I popped some Nurofen… put away the razor blades… and booked myself into a Zen retreat,  I worked out what to do (:-) – not really… that was just for dramatic effect, okay?

But it’s a problem, a big problem. However, technical problems ARE part of the deal when you work on the internet. Have you ever been frustrated by your computer?  Sure, right! It’s the norm.

So… how to solve it?

Well that’s happening right now. I’ve been on to the Support department of the autoresponder software we’re using and said “WFT!!!”   They assure me it’s within their “area of expertise.” And so hopefully this week we can get it sorted.

If we don’t of course, well yours truly is going to look pretty, pretty, pretty STUPID!!!

So fingers crossed.


There is some good news (phew…).

Despite this little drama, Michael has generated almost $400 in sales!

Cool, right!

Yep, amazingly, out of the 4 people who have seen the salespage, 2 of them have purchased the offer. They’re amazing statistics. So I’m very happy about that, and so of course is Michael.

Ultimately it paints a pretty good picture. And now I’m looking forward to seeing how we go once we have a fair chance at it.

I’ll let you know.

So to celebrate this little success, Michael and I took some time out to celebrate. How?

By taking a helicopter ride of course (hello!).

We took a scenic flight around the Gold Coast and managed to even see a pod of dolphins swimming just metres off the beach. Very cool.

Anyway, more to come real soon.


Michael Hughes Brett McFall


Internet Challenge Update – Day 10 11/11/2013

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While it’s not ideal for the purpose of running the Internet Challenge, I’ve had to go to China for a week to do some training with a group of 600 people.

But that doesn’t mean that we have to stop anything re the Challenge.

In fact, I’ve made this video to show you what’s going on.

By the way, Michael is doing brilliantly. In this video i mention some work I’m checking of his, a webpage of his which wasn’t working. However, the truth is that it ISN’T working here in China – that’s China ONLY. You know why?

Because I realised that Youtube videos don’t show here in China.

So Michael’s actually done a perfect job. Way to go Michael!

Anyway, check out the video for an update – oh, and I must warn you – there’s a world-first on this video and it involves me singing!!! Can you believe it?? I can’t.

The Challenge update – November 5 11/5/2013

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The Challenge is underway!

Michael Hughes flew up to see me on Friday November 1st and we spent the day together as I detailed my plan for him over the next 30 days.

I tell you what, this guy is excited and motivated – what a joy it is to teach someone that so keen to learn.

We spent a good solid 3 hours in the morning going over the 9 step system I want Michael to follow. It took its toll on Michael, who does not have an internet marketing background. By lunch time, he said “Whoa… I get it, but I’m still getting it… know what I mean?”

It’s a lot to take in when internet marketing is a new thing to you.

But I reassured him that all anyone needs to do to make money online is have a system they understand. They DO NOT need to know how to do everything within the system – they just need to understand what the system is.

You may have heard me teach this before, but being the “General of the army” is the goal for you if you want to have a really good, freedom-giving online business.

What did I teach Michael?


After deliberating over a few models on the lead up to this Challenge, the model that I decided on is the Affiliate Marketing model.


Simply because of speed.

See, affiliate marketing is about selling someone else’s product. Which means, the time that it takes to create a product is eliminated. So too is hunting for a niche. So too is the writing of the salesletter.

And when you only have 30 days to make some dollars, eliminating those 3 steps means you can get on to the website and the marketing.

Right now Michael has a brand new website that is fully functioning. In fact, it was ready to go by the end of the day.

Now I won’t be telling you the address of his site. And the reason why is that if a lot of people were to find out about his website, then they would go and visit it and perhaps even buy the product that we are marketing via that site.

And this of course would skew the figures. He’d make sales simply because people who know about the Challenge would visit the site and buy.

Which is not what I want for this at all (and I don’t think anyone watching would want it either). Michael has to make his money off his own bat like anyone else, and so I’ll be keeping his website top secret.

But one of the first things you want to do when you do affiliate marketing is to find a product to sell which has a HIGH REBILL VALUE – which means that a product that customers keep paying for every month. Meaning that you too get your commission every month too, instead of a one-shot sale.

So Michael has done that with a bit of help from me, and now he’s clued in to what to look for.

So 5 days in, Michael has managed to arrange 2 joint ventures with people who have his target market as their customers.

This was a big deal because you usually can’t get JV partners if you don’t already have a database of your own.

But through a nicely written letter that he wrote to a few key people (and yes I helped him with the writing of it… hey, that’s what I’m here for remember? ;-) , he was able to get 2 JV partners so far.

He has some paid advertising booked in too. And some free advertising also.

Small steps is the way. And Michael has begun his journey.

No sales as yet, but it’s all part of the plan.

Till the next update, do not give up on your internet journey either.

There’s a great life out there on the internet… IF you know the right steps.