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How to predict if you’ll be rich

Ever wanted to be able to predict if you’ll be rich or not?

Ever wanted to know for sure whether you’re on target to reach your goals?

It would certainly be handy to know, right?

I remember wanting to know these exact things. At the time, I was working 9 to 5 and really quite bored and frustrated.

So I had a fair idea that I was NOT on target.

What did I do about it?

I took myself off to a seminar. To learn something new. To get a fresh perspective on things. And that one decision literally changed my life forever.

Today I have the most incredible freedom imaginable. Travelling all over the world. Owning incredible things. Helping people. And having amazing experiences.

So if you can’t do the same, then I encourage you to do something different in your day.

Come to a one day event called “Wealth Prophecy.”

LIVE around Australia August 19 through to 21 – with a different day in each of the 4 cities. And just maybe somewhere near you.

I’m speaking at the event and I’m going to give you some fresh insights into how to predict your wealth future. But also a guy by the name of Dr John Demartini will be presenting also.

A true expert is how the mind works. I’ll be there taking notes too. And I would you to be doing the same.

You can register right here as my guest:


Behind the scenes of the World Internet Challenge

Listen now as our UK partner in World Internet Summit, Mark Anastasi (left) interviews Steven Essa – the expert in charge of our bpo companies “internet challenge” this year in London. What is he going to sell? How much money will he make for someone in our audience? What problems is he having before the Challenge even starts? seo birmingham This is a cool lesson in SEO Sydney marketing. You’ll see the human side of this business – this is real pressure and a real challenge to start a business out of nothing and turn it into dollars. And of course, if you’re in the audience, you could walk away with the money he makes LIVE on stage. LISTEN BELOW NOW:

And you can share with us what you think Steven should sell below. Warmly Brett McFall CLICK HERE to register for World Internet Summit London – September 15-18, 2011-08-09