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The President and I

So I’m hanging out in New York and I walk past the David Letterman studios on Broadway.

There’s a crowd brewing outside the stage doors.

So I pop down and have a look.

And who comes out of the doors but past President of the United States, Bill Clinton (who’d just appeared on the show).

So I expect to him to hop in to one of the big cars and be whisked away. But he decides to walk.

And walk over to where I’m standing.

Then he comes over to the group that I’m standing in and starts shaking hands…

And I’m so close to him I’m a little in shock. Shouldn’t the guards be making it a bit harder?

He stops to sign autographs and finally his guards start to step in and push folks back…

So he walks across Broadway and the traffic comes to a standstill. People in their cars are going crazy with excitement – tooting horns, sticking their cell phones out the window to take photos etc.

I walk alongside him to get a better shot (hey, it’s not every day that you get to see a President)…

Then he stops and starts to talk.

Who to?


(okay and a few others too 😉

Then he asks me if he can get his photo taken with me … well okay maybe I asked him.
He says “yes sure” – and the rest is history.

You just never know your luck in a big city now do you.



The Ultimate Success Summit and getting to meet Richard Branson

Spoke at one of the biggest events of my career a few days ago  – the Ultimate Success Summit in Sydney. A 7,000 person event, it was very cool indeed.

Even cooler was speaking on the same stage as Tony Robbins and Richard Branson – two folks who I’ve looked up to for years for their business and motivational leadership.

It was a great event, as the audience was so pumped to be there. I’ve spoken at similar sized events before but the audience was totally cold and only half-interested. I can tell you it makes a BIG difference.

Here are some shots from the talk:

But perhaps the coolest part of all was getting to hang out briefly with Sir Richard.

What a lovely guy he was. He’d charmed the audience and received a standing ovation. Then out the back in the loading dock we got to shake hands and have a quick chat.

Anyway, from my point of view it was a real treat to meet such a major web server achiever. Someone we should all admire for his creations, his marketing and his personal grace too.

Here’s a shot or two of our meeting:



World Traffic Challenge Winner: Deb McNamara

For 50 hours we went LIVE on the internet with an offer that people couldn’t refuse (lesson 1).

Then we used social media marketing strategies to let the world know about it – which means, Twitter, Facebook, Linked In and more (lesson 2).

The result?  Over 1500 people took advantage of the offer in just 50 hours.

So in a little over 2 days we built a business from scratch and showed the audience every single step.

Then we gave it an audience member. Her name?  Deb McNamara from Australia.

Deb absolutely loves the internet and couldn’t stop herself from shaking as she accepted the prize. Her next question was, “Wow… what do I do first with all these people!”

We helped her out and she’s now on her way to adding value to their lives Because if you want to have a long term business, you have to understand your customers and show them that you know what they want (lesson 3).

Deb is committed to having these people as long term customers and already has her plan for adding value and doing it profitably too.

Congratulations Deb!

(L to R: Tom Hua, Mili Ponce <challenge chief>, Deb McNamara, Paul O’Mahoney <challenge chief>, Brett McFall)

Remember, this sort of exciting experience doesn’t happen if you’re sitting at home. For the only seminar that proves what they say is true, be sure to attend a World Internet Summit sometime soon.


Brett McFall

Ever Wondered What A Remote Office Really Looks Like?

Recently I received an email from internet business owner, Grant Nielsen, telling me all about his new ‘on-the-road office’.

Grant has been traveling in Australia’s Northern Territory for the last 3 months, preparing for a more long-term road trip.

He’s been camping out in some of the most remote areas of the region where something as simple as accessing electricity has been a challenge… but a challenge he’s been keen to take on all the same.

Not only is Grant still able to run his business while exploring the less traveled parts of this beautiful country, he even celebrated the 10,000th sale from one of his sites while on the road!

What’s more, his friend and travelling companion, Robert, has an internet business of his own that manages to pull in around $800 each week… all while he’s enjoying some amazing fishing and wilderness experiences.

Here’s a summary of Grant’s remote ‘internet office’ experience and some holiday snaps so you can see exactly how his remote office is set up:

“From the internet business perspective there was nothing different from working in my city or bush office… as you would expect, it just happened.

On the drive up there my original eBay site made it’s 10,000th sale and I didn’t know for 2 days!

The Telstra wireless net connection worked surprisingly well, however, as I’m moving to a more remote location, I’ll stick to my Sat. internet now.

Clean, 240vt proved to be the big issue. Thought I had the right advice, setup and devices, but I still fried a 22″ iMac.

I’m really stretching the power envelope up there, between camp, office and boating needs… totally reworking the power configurations. My last major issue now.

Moon Rise

Skype was certainly the hero of the trip. It far exceeded all expectations… crystal clear… easily created a professional, seamless business phone system using all its features… a very impressive solution.

It’s a different ‘view’ from my office window, up there! The other morning, I was talking to my wholesaler in Canada and watching a large Croc. swim by :-)

One Of The Locals Passing By The Office

Underpinning the above is the need for a strong personal discipline and to remember you are still ‘At Work’ and have a company to run… even on the good fishing days.

I’ve attached a few photos of the area. Most taken around the camp area… The computers are normally in the tent.

The Office

If I can do it from a remote riverbank in the NT, anyone can run their internet business where ever they choose.

Robert, my travelling mate and former Brisbane business partner, also has his own internet business, he’s making around $800 profit per week and he also runs it from our camp.

Sunset From The Boat

We will return north later, staying at least 3 months, for a final test of everything and then on the road full time… I’ll then make a short video to show you around the camp, office and local area.”

Crabbers Camp Down River

How would you like that sort of lifestyle? Or if a remote experience like Grant’s isn’t quite your cup of tea, just imagine what your own ideal life might look like if you made a few changes and started living the life of your dreams.

It’s time for you to give some serious thought to your internet business … your ideal lifestyle … YOUR LIFE! If there’s a challenge stopping you from acting, find a solution. No more excuses, okay?